Getting there

Should you fly, rent a car, or take your own car? Well, this will depend on where you live. We lived about 14 hours away by car. When planning a cheap Disney vacation, transportation is a huge issue. Remember that we had about a $1500 budget? Throw in two plane tickets for $250 each, which is probably a little on the low side, and our budget is now down to $1000! And we haven’t even bought park passes or thought about lodging or food yet. We won’t even start talking about getting a rental after flying into Orlando. Driving, on the other hand helps us achieve that cheap Disney vacation. Sure, it may take longer, but instead of paying $500, we paid around $130 in gas round trip. Read our cheap Disney vacation food article, you'll see why food only cost us a couple more dollars.

Spending on transportation during our cheap Disney vacation: $130.42 (yes…roundtrip)

Our Disney drive was a lot of fun. We had a couple of snacks, stopped every couple of hours to change drivers, and played really great Disney music from our ipod. We also read a Disney book to each other (Mousejunkies). Although driving took longer than flying, we made sure to use that time to get excited about our Disney vacation.

While there

Being able to drive to and from the parks at will was very important to us. This was huge component of minimizing our wait times, resting when it was best to do so, and hopping from one park to another. Believe us, Animal Kingdom really does clear out after that afternoon parade. And that means more open rides.

However, drive around to everything, and you’ll miss part of the Disney magic. Disney offers a free monorail service from Epcot to Magic Kingdom and from Magic Kingdom to some of the Deluxe Disney Resorts. Boat rides are also available from Hollywood Studios to Deluxe Resorts and Epcot’s World Showcase by France and the UK. Boat rides are also free! It can really save time if you happen to need to go from Hollywood Studios to catch an Illuminations show at Epcot. Lastly, buses can be a great option too, especially if you are staying at Disney property. And guess what…they are also free.