Let's be completely honest. Souvenirs and cheap Disney vacations are not very synonymous. Mostly any t-shirt, doll, fairy wand, pin, ride picture, or random trinket is wildly overpriced. It would be easy to say not to get any souvenirs, but that is plain silly. Just don’t BUY more than one souvenir. How do we expect you to do that? Glad you asked!

Spending on souvenirs during our cheap Disney vacation: $34.73

Pictures: The pictures you take at Disney are invaluable and will capture memories more easily than an ugly doll. Just ask any of the thousands of guests milling about to take a picture of you and your family. Chances are they were wondering if you’d do the same.

Pictures of pictures: We all know that some of the best Disney rides take pictures of every guest that passes through. How else could you keep a momento of the sheer terror on your face the first time you dropped in Tower of Terror? The only problem is that they are incredibly expensive to buy. Do you know how everybody looks at their picture on the screen right after getting off that exhilarating Disney ride? Take a picture of your picture! It’s free! Others will be doing it, and you won’t find a sign asking you not to.

Pins: Pins at Disney are expensive. We saw tons of people walking around with lanyards full of Disney pins. Yet we have never seen people brandishing their pins anywhere outside of Disney. But pins can be fun. Just try to be given a pin. Remember those buttons you can get if it’s your anniversary, birthday, or celebration day? Cast Members are supposed to treat you reeeaaaalllly nicely if you're wearing a pin. Look for Disney Cast Members not wearing particular park attire and strike up a conversation. These Cast Members usually have Fastpass tickets (Park tips article) and pins to give away. Especially if it’s early in the day, they might still have that pin in their pocket. We got a Mickey pin this way and think it’s more special than the ones you can buy.

Buy one souvenir: This cheap Disney vacation is only one vacation. You will probably go on others, and you will probably want to remember those too. So don’t buy more things that you will appreciate or be able to handle when you get home. We bought one souvenir, and that was in the last few hours of our Disney stay. We had fallen in love with the Animal Kingdom Lodge and found a picture of Disney’s African savannah with the Lodge in the background. It’s now hanging in our home and reminds us of all the fun we had staying in a Deluxe Disney Resort (Lodging article) for cheap.

Make a collage: We do this for most of our trips. Get a 12x36 inch picture frame and fill it with pictures, parts of maps, brochures, and anything Disney that you picked up on your trip. Heck, it will probably even be fun putting it together with your family.