Park Tips

The whole purpose of a Disney Vacation is to enjoy the parks!

Oh, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom! How we adore you! We decided to go to plan Disney World in February 2009. Our actual trip was for May 2010.

Yeah, that gave us quite a bit of time to prepare for our Disney Vacation. And I became a Disney junkie.

I was determined to make this THE BEST DISNEY TRIP. EVER. When I didn’t feel like studying for board exams or reading papers, I planned for Disney. I scoured the internet for any tidbits of Disney magic to incorporate into our trip.

In fact I started a Google document called Disney World Battleplan that I added my ideas or fun tips I found online.

I realize there are surely fellow Disney planners like myself out there. Here are some articles highlighting our best Disney tips. Enjoy!

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