Lodging was easily the most important influence in making our vacation a cheap Disney vacation. We stayed in and loved Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. You must be questioning why we would stay at a Deluxe Disney Resort, which boasts a minimum $390 a night in the smallest room, while claiming to be on a budget. We will tell you.

Spending on lodging during our cheap Disney vacation: $550 (Yes…total for 5 nights)

This part of our trip planning is thanks to Beth Haworth and her e-book “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide." Click here for our review of her e-book and why we think it’s worth getting. Basically, Disney Vacation Club members own timeshares to the Deluxe Disney Resorts. If they can't use all their vacation time in a given year, they can sell it to you. Sound confusing? Beth does a really good job explaining how this is done. We went during the regular season and got a standard view studio. Normally, that's $390 a night. But $1950 for 5 nights busts our budget without considering anything else. Instead, we worked through a Disney Vacation Club member and rented some of his time that he wasn’t able to use this year for $110 a night, and that includes tax. Our stay was phenomenal.
someecards.com - Why stay at All-Star Sports, when for the same price, I can hang with the giraffes at Animal Kingdom Lodge?
Think of it…the rate for the cheapest room in Pop Century, which is the cheapest hotel on Disney property, is $105 a night during the same time period we went. However, tack on the $10 a night charge for a mini-fridge (see article link on why these are important), and it’s now $25 more than we paid for the Deluxe Disney Resort. Which one would you rather have?

We might have been able to book a hotel for 5 nights off Disney property for somewhat cheaper than $550. But once you read our review of our Kidani village stay, you’ll see why it was worth it.