When we told friends about our plans to visit Disney, this is what they said: “Convince yourself now that you’ll be fine paying $8 for lemonade,” or “Know now and be ok with the fact you’ll wait in long lines and weave through huge crowds.” But then we asked ourselves – Do we really need to be ok with the status quo? Yes, people do pay a lot of money for food at Disney. And yes, the crowds can be stifling. But does it have to be that way?

So we set up for a challenge. This was it: Can we go to Disney on a modest budget, avoid lines and crowds, and most of all…stay happy? Did we do it? ABSOLUTELY.
Or at least we think so. You be the judge. On this website we break down our Disney spending, share some Disney tips, and show that fun, cheap Disney vacations are possible.

Spending on a 5-night/6-day Disney vacation:

Food: $137.59
Transportation: $130.42
Souvenirs: $34.73
Lodging: $550.00
Supplies: $35.00
Park tickets: $598.96
Tour Guide Mike: $18.95
Disney e-book: $19.97
Total: $1525.62

How did we eat for 6 days and travel roundtrip from 5 states away for less than $150 each? And what about souvenirs? You may be asking if we are seriously claiming to have spent so little. We are. Better yet, how did we stay in a Deluxe Disney Resort for 5 nights paying what some people spend on 1 night? One of the only items we paid almost a normal price for were the park tickets, and that made up almost 40% of our total budget. You might not be totally convinced now, but we promise that there are some real savings to be had.

Explore around. We have broken down what we did to keep food, transportation, souvenirs, lodging, etc. so low. We also give honest reviews of some of the most influential savings helpers – Tour Guide Mike’s website and Beth Haworth’s Disney e-book. Along the way, we share insights into our Disney experience, including fun picture ideas, a top 10 list for attractions most people pass by, and what we really thought about our stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s been fun putting this website together, and we hope we can help you make your Disney vacation fun, cheap, and memorable!