My husband said he would take me anywhere I wanted after I finished grad school. I chose Disney World! And since he had never been and I had been about 2 dozen times, the planning fell mostly on me. And I was happy to do it because I love Disney!

Problem: I always went as a kid and never planned a trip. I’m an adult now. I have to do all the planning. YIKES!

Solution: Do some research.

In fact I started to do research for this Disney vacation 18 months before we left. And I got overwhelmed. Big time. Wowza! There is so much information on Disney vacations. You may even be overwhelmed reading what little we wrote for this site. When I started researching I realized I needed to pin down what dates were best to go, if it was better to stay on Disney property or off Disney property, whether we wanted a dining plan or not, and if so where to go to make reservations, what shoes were best to wear, figure out what the heck Toy Story Mania was because everyone on the internet talks about it, whether we should fly or drive in, ahhh!!!

So this website is an attempt to share with you some information that we found helpful. We are not affiliated with Disney in any way. And when we say “we”, we mean a husband and wife team that went on a cheap Disney vacation.

Also, we are only putting items on this site that we found helpful. We do get a small commission for some of the things that you may choose to buy. However, everything that is endorsed has been bought or tried personally unless otherwise stated. Most of all, these things provided value for our Disney experience and we really do think they could be useful to you too.

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