One Year Later: Was Our Cheap Disney Vacation Worth the Money?

Here’s a question for you. What has been your all time most fun vacation? And compared to your other vacations, which was the best value for your money?

We were discussing this just the other day. Not including visiting the family for holidays, we’ve been on a couple vacations. We’ve done the following:

10 day trip playing tourist in New York City ~$1200
7 day Carnival Cruise down the Mexican Riviera ~$1700
7 day Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas ~$1700
6 day Disney World Vacation ~$1500

New York was the cheapest, however we were crashing at a friend’s place, so lodging was free. We ice skated in Rockefeller Center, were in live audiences for TV shows, ate great pizza, and went to the top of the Empire State building. Very cool trip, great pictures, and awesome memories.

The Mexican Riviera Carnival cruise was really fun, we did zip lining through the jungle, ate great unlimited food, and it was relaxing.

The Bahamas Carnival cruise was also relaxing. We caught the comedy shows, laid out on picturesque beaches. Lovely.

At Disney we had an adrenaline rush every day going on rides like Rockin’ Roller Coaster or Expedition Everest. We looked at giraffes through night vision goggles at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We ate Dole Whips, Chocolate Crescents, and Tonga Toast to name just a few. We learned why Fatima is such a popular name while visiting the Morocco Pavilion. We saw Tinkerbell fly, cheered for our favorite singer at Disney’s American Idol Experience, and kept our hands up the WHOLE time on the drop down Splash Mountain. And this paragraph could actually be extended into multiple pages of all the fun stuff we did.

But what was the best? We narrowed it down to our cheap New York trip and our cheap Disney trip. In New York we were sleeping on an air mattress (which we were very grateful for since it was free). At Disney we were at a luxurious vacation resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge. In New York we saw a bunch of sites. However they were not as thrilling nor as jam-packed as our cheap Disney days. So we felt the difference in 300 dollars was well worth it.

After we started chatting about it, Disney really was the clear winner for best money spent on a vacation for us. It was truly a cheap Disney vacation and was wildly, awesomely, super fun!

We want to go back!

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