Review of Beth Haworth's Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide (DisGuide)

Why I decided to buy

My husband said he would take me anywhere I wanted after I graduated from grad school. I chose Disney World. And since he had never been and I had been about 2 dozen times, the planning fell mostly on me. And I was happy to do it because I love Disney!

Problem: I always went as a kid and never planned a trip. I’m an adult now. I have to do all the planning. YIKES!

Solution: Do some research.

In fact, I started to do research for this Disney vacation 18 months before we left. And I got overwhelmed. Big time. Wowza! There is so much information on Disney vacations. You may even be overwhelmed reading what little we wrote for this site. When I started researching I realized I needed to pin down what dates were best to go, if it was better to stay on Disney property or off Disney property, whether we wanted a dining plan or not, and if so where to go to make reservations, what shoes were best to wear, figure out what the heck Toy Story Mania was because everyone on the internet talks about it, whether we should fly or drive in, ahhh!!!

Enter the DisGuide.

My favorite features of Beth Haworth’s Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

Confession: This was my first e-book purchase ever. I wasn’t sure what to expect but a few features helped quell any misgivings.

-Full refund if you aren’t satisfied. Suh-weet.
-Exclusive discount on Disney World tickets. This alone made up for the price of the e-book
-Constantly updated. As of 5/23/2012, it was 185 pages.
-Lifetime Access. Some e-books only have the download page available for a day or so. Not so with The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide. You will always have access.

How it helped us

This guide is no joke. When I first downloaded her e-book, it yielded a 140 page document chocked full of most everything you need to plan a Disney vacation. The only thing that was lacking was how to physically tour around the parks. For information on that I recommend checking out Tour Guide Mike. Overall this guide was extremely useful for major Disney vacation purchases - or in other words, lodging and tickets.

Lodging: Beth Haworth is extremely comprehensive with all the lodging options. And she explains many cheap Disney resort stay options. Of the Disney lodging options she reviews, we chose to rent from a Disney Vacation Club Member. However, she also includes special offers to some off-site Disney resorts with discounts!

Discount tickets: She also does a fantastic job explaining ticketing at Walt Disney World. We bought our tickets from one of her recommended discount Disney World ticket vendors and saved some money. We also didn’t have to waste precious time while we were at Disney buying our tickets.

Very up-to-date: Disney changes their ticket and lodging prices often. Beth has up-to-date charts on the exact pricing of tickets at the time of download.

Insider park tips: For instance, when Smashmouth plays in Epcot or which weekend Anakin Skywalker from Phantom Menance will be at Hollywood Studios.

Did it work?

Heck yes it did! It would’ve taken me ages to figure out how to stay in a Deluxe Disney Resort for cheap. We saved so much money on lodging and got a great value for our dollar. We also wouldn’t have found those cheap tickets either.

We highly recommend this guide for planning your cheap yet super fun Disney vacations.

Purchase Beth Haworth's Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide here.

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