Parking at Disney

My husband’s 1st experience with Disney was…the parking lot. And he was amazed. Disney parking lots can hold A LOT of cars.

We prefer walking to the cars rather than using the tram. Fortunately, we usually were able to park so close to the gates that walking wasn’t a problem. You will be especially grateful if you can forgo the experience of wedging yourself next to a very overweight, sunburned, rather sullen woman and just walk to your car.

Here are some tips for successful parking at Disney:

1. Arrive 30 minutes before park opens. You will most likely get a spot close to the entrance. Disney will have the trams running, because that is just what they do in parking lots. But most of the time we found it is faster to walk.

2. If you arrive in the afternoon, drive as close to the entrance as possible. The Disney vacationers who got there 1st thing in the morning are probably pooped out by now. They left. And their parking spots are open! Yay!

3. Make sure you don’t forget your parking spot. Use your cell phone to text yourself your section and lane. Don’t be that family that needs to ride around with security looking for your car. Can I get a wha-wha for Dopey 110!

4. Do you know how many black sedans are in a Disney parking lot? Have an orange ribbon around your antenna or on your rear view mirror to make it easy to spot.

5. If you are at Hollywood Studios in the morning and doing World Showcase in the afternoon, try using the boats so you don’t have to park at Epcot and walk all the way through Future World to get to the World Showcase.

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