Ode to My Disney Cooling-off Device: My Fan

Disney is hot. In the Paris Hilton sense of the word and literally.

Having been on Disney vacations before, I did not want to lug around one of those large spray bottle fans that they sell. It's so big that it needs to have a lanyard connected to it! Who really wants a large spray bottle hanging around your neck? Not I.

Because we were going on a fun, cheap Disney vacation my fan needed to fulfill 3 requirements.


And we found this beauty for cheap at Walmart. Notice the carabineer for easy clipping to belt loops on jeans.

I wore this on my jeans at all times throughout our vacation. I didn’t feel it when I slid around my seat on Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. I used it at 2:00 in the afternoon watching the Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show in Hollywood Studios. I sprayed my husband with it when he least expected it in Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.

This little baby only required 1 AA type battery and lasted us our whole vacation. And I laughed inside as some poor kid tried to lug around his humongous spray bottle fan.

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