Kids Say the Darndest Things at Disney

Anyone who goes to Disney will probably have a couple of stories to share around the campfire. Here are a couple of fun kid stories we have.

The Pool: My husband was waiting to use the water slide at the Animal Kingdom Lodge pool. A young boy behind him asked if he was a lifeguard. My husband said he wasn’t. Then the little kid said he looked like “swimming material.” Yes, swimming material. Ahahah.

Illuminations: Toward the very end of the Illuminations fireworks show at Epcot Center, the little 5 year old girl in front of us walked over to her dad and tugged on his shirt. We assumed she needed to use the bathroom, and felt bad for her dad because that meant they would miss the best part of the fireworks. Then we looked back 15 seconds later and were surprised to see she was dancing with her dad in the middle of the walkway. She had actually asked her dad to dance with her! Adorable.

Wishes Fireworks: After the Wishes fireworks show at Magic Kingdom a fairly frazzled family of 5 noticed they couldn’t find their expensive camera. The 10-ish son was interrogated by his parents who asked where he put it last. “In the bottom of the stroller” was his response, which elicited some yelps from his parents because the camera could’ve easily fallen out. The father sat down and started going through the stroller bottom. He composed himself and said, “Ok, nobody panic.” On cue the 10 year old said, “I’m panicking!” “Shut up," chimed his dad. This was not the first kid we saw who enjoyed frazzling their parents.

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