Fun Disney Picture Ideas

Pictures are some of the best souvenirs that you will take from Disney. So why not make them more fun! Here are some fun picture ideas that we loved.

Favorite Cast Members: We took the boat between Hollywood Studios and Epcot (See transportation article). We thought our boat operator was the dude. He could turn our boat on a dime! We decided to take a photo with him. From the look on his face, I think we made his day.

Jump Pictures: Nothing captures Disney fun like being suspended in mid-air. Need we say more?
Characters in Epcot: We were more interested in hitting rides than character greetings. However, the least crowded character greeting spot we saw was right near Club Cool in Epcot. First thing in the morning, Minnie and Donald were waiting for children to come up to them. How often does that happen?

Favorite Attractions: Disney World knows how to focus on the details. Even the signs in front of the rides are magical looking. My favorite ride is Rockin' Roller Coaster, so I got a picture right in front of the entrance. My husband's was Tower of Terror. What’s your favorite ride or show? Take a picture in front of the sign for it.

Animals on Safaris: It’s best for the group photographer to sit on the ends for Kilimanjaro Safari. Sometimes the animals are behind you, in front of you, or even right next to the truck! Take this rhino for example. It’s much easier to maneuver when there is no one between you and the animals.

Someone Else with Animals: We got a great shot with my husband and a giraffe. The giraffe looked right at the camera as I snapped the picture. There's only one rule when picture taking with are on the animal’s schedule. Move the human and the camera and you might just get lucky with a photogenic creature in the background. For great shots, visit Animal Kingdom Lodge and walk out onto the overlook area. It’s free!

The Art of the Ask: Most people are willing to take a photo of you and your group. It helps after you get the yes to give a quick tutorial on your camera. For instance my husband explained that pushing lightly auto-focuses the camera and pushing all the way takes the picture. Most impromptu photographers took nice pictures if they had an explanation of how the camera works.

The Iconic Classics: Cinderella Castle, Tree of Life, the geodesic dome (or that giant golf ball to most of us), and the Mickey Hat are must have pictures in my opinion. Capture the classic icon from each park.

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