Disney Lost and Found: Our Personal Experience

Remember how we listed our Orioles hats on our Essential Supply List? Well, it is the easiest supply to lose. On practically every thriller-ish ride we went on, we had to keep reminding each other to remember our hats when getting off. And we did fairly well until…

Wednesday night. Coming home. My husband realized his cute Orioles hat was gone.

Thankfully we remembered that he left it on Rockin’ Roller Coaster about an hour before park closing.

Tip: Remember the time and what ride you lost your item on. It will help you get it back.

The next morning, we went to Guest Services between shows at Hollywood Studios. The friendly cast member explained that all Lost and Found items go to the Theme Parks Lost and Found at the end of each day. Since we lost the hat the day before, that’s where it hopefully was.

Tip: You can call the main Lost and Found at 407-824-4245

When it was convenient for our schedule, we took the monorail over to the Ticket and Transportation Center. The Lost and Found is on the other side of the ticketing counters, opposite the boat landing to get to Magic Kingdom. Look for the Kennel Building signs.

My husband stood in line while I talked to a nice lady with 2 adorable Westies. Triumphantly, my husband waved his Orioles hat in the air.

“Disney has this down to a science, I gave him the time and place I lost my hat, and poof, there it was.”

I guess even the Lost and Found has some Disney Magic.

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