Cheap and Free Ways to Raise Excitement for Your Disney Vacation

The anticipation of going on a Disney vacation is part of the fun! For our trip in May 2010, I tried to do various things to help get my husband excited for his first Disney trip. I think it was successful and he appreciated the fun before our trip. Here are a couple of easy ideas you can do with your family.

Free Disney resort music online: I’m actually listening to some right now as I write this. Basically a couple of websites will stream Disney Music that was exclusively written as background music for the parks and fireworks show.

Disney Tunes Radio Network - I prefer to listen to the Theme Park Music Station
Sorcerer Radio
Live365 Radio – Search for Mouse World radio

Other Disney Music: As mentioned in our Supplies article, Pirates of the Caribbean was a great soundtrack to listen to. We originally rented it from the library. You may be surprised how much Disney music your local library has in stock. My mom also bought us a Disney CD for Christmas. That Bear Necessities song is classic! And it was a great morning song to get ready to.

Mousejunkies guide book: If you and your family have some downtime while driving, you'll love reading this book out loud together. We found it hilarious. It includes a little bit about everything, especially the parks, but more importantly it put us into the Disney spirit.

Documentary of Walt Disney: We rented Walt: The Man Behind the Myth on Netflix. We both appreciated how amazing the Disney Theme Park story was after learning about Mr. Disney himself. Oh and it’s narrated by Dick Van Dyke.

Watch some favorite Disney movies: Need I say more? Swiss Family Robinson, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Toy Story all make excellent primers for your Disney vacation.

Free maps mailed to you: The Disney company will mail you customized maps of what you’d like to see at the park. It's free! That’s a happy mailbox trip.

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